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Here is a simple exercise for lasting longer in bed: get comfortable. Relax your breath, notice each breath moving through the nostrils. Then after a few minutes, drop your breath awareness to the navel...

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Mukee is an internationally renowned sexual healer and guide. She has trained as a surrogate partner therapist in the Western medical model for sexual healing, through the International Professional Surrogates Association. She also has a strong background in traditional tantric lineage through the Bihar School of Yoga, and has extensively studied North American shamanic practices relating to human sexuality.
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"There are few times where I know with every cell in my body that my next job is to sit down, shut up and pay attention. When it comes to Sacred Sexuality, when it comes to Tantra, when it comes to understanding how to help men, women and couples create the powerful, vital sex life that is their birth right, Mukee is where that conversation starts and ends. She has a depth of understanding that is ancient and wise about these matters and a way of sharing it with such compassion and joy that you will immediately feel safe in her presence. She is your orgasm's best friend!"
- Jim, AZ

"I wish I knew about this stuff in my first marriage. I am pleased to report since I purchased this e-book and applied your recommendations everything has completely changed for the better. It has boosted my confidence at home and even in my business. Now I sincerely look forward to sex. And what's best, it keeps getting better!"
- Tony, CO

"I'm sorry I didn't come across this approach when I was a lot younger. Now I know it is never too late. Sex has become a whole new adventure for me, the last thing I expected in my 'older' years." - R.F., MI

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How to Stop Premature Ejaculation Lasting Longer Tonight

How to Stop Premature Ejaculation & How to Last Longer in Bed

Whether you suffer from premature ejaculation or are simply looking to improve your performance in bed, 'Lasting Longer Tonight' is the program for you! The program was created by sexuality expert Mukee Okan, who counsels couples all over the world. From Australia to New Zealand, Mukee has helped countless men to overcome their performance issues and taught them how to stop premature ejaculation, last longer in bed and discover the true pleasure of sex. Now all of that expertise is available to you!

The program consists of video tutorials, audio exercises, an eBook dedicated to the problems of premature ejaculation and a complimentrary advanced training video deciated to the art of pleasing ones partner.

The goal of the program is to educate and improve, to help men become better lovers, last longer in bed and stop premature ejaculation dead in its tracks.

A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is offered to everyone purchasing the program. Do yourself and your partner a favor - Try it!

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Video Tutorials: How to Last Longer in Bed
Video Tutorials discuss sexual energy, relaxation techniques, male physiology as it relates to sex and the importance of breathing. This is your crash course in sex and male sexual literacy, which is the key to learning how to last longer in bed.
polarity of a man role of relaxation
nervous system and sexual arousal the cycle of hardness and softness
testosterone effect of thinking during sex
power of breath awareness chakra & mooladhara awareness

Click here to watch short clips from each of the tutorials.

The eBook discusses premature ejaculation, the reasons for its onset and ways of overcoming it. Relevant to everyone, not just people looking for information on how to stop premature ejaculation, the book is crucial to improving your understanding and performance in bed.
how to last longer in bed how to stop premature ejaculation
control anxiety intensify your orgasms
satisfy your partner enjoy sex

Click here to learn more and read a sample chapter.

Audio Files: How to Last Longer
Audio Files contain vital excercises that can be practiced alone or with a partner. This is the training that will help you master your sexuality, discover how to last longer in bed and extend your orgasms.
relax and increase your sexual endurance focus on pleasure in sex, rather than performance
learn to slow down master a steady level of intense arousal
extend your sexual arousal to higher levels

Click here to learn more and listen to a sample.

Advanced Sexual Training
Advanced Training video is a sexually and graphically explicit video focused on pleasing the woman in your life. Here you will learn to give pleasure like never before.
turning on your woman discovering erotic zones
learning to give pleasure

Click here to learn more about the advanced training video.

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