Premature Ejaculation Last Longer

Lasting Longer Tonight

Advanced Training

Mukee Okan's latest educational video that women want you to see - a 42 minute video guide on how to please a woman.

See how sensual erotic touch warms a woman up. Let go of your performance anxiety, giving or receiving and enjoy a relaxed approach. You will learn about your natural sexual polarity and why you fit so well together.

It is graphic and sexually explicit.
Watch it together or alone and put it into practice.
Your woman will love it! Don't waste another moment.

In the explicit demonstration:
  1. You will see how to turn on your woman with ease.
  2. You will see how doing less creates more arousal.
  3. You will see how you can turn on your woman so she wants more.
  4. You will see how easy it is for you to give pleasure and how to receive more pleasure with relaxation.

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