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Over the years I have seen a number of persistent misconceptions when it comes to stopping premature ejaculation and lasting longer in bed. I would like to address these and discuss the exact reasons why they are incorrect and misleading...

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Mukee is an internationally renowned sexual healer and guide. She has trained as a surrogate partner therapist in the Western medical model for sexual healing, through the International Professional Surrogates Association. She also has a strong background in traditional tantric lineage through the Bihar School of Yoga, and has extensively studied North American shamanic practices relating to human sexuality.
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"There are few times where I know with every cell in my body that my next job is to sit down, shut up and pay attention. When it comes to Sacred Sexuality, when it comes to Tantra, when it comes to understanding how to help men, women and couples create the powerful, vital sex life that is their birth right, Mukee is where that conversation starts and ends. She has a depth of understanding that is ancient and wise about these matters and a way of sharing it with such compassion and joy that you will immediately feel safe in her presence. She is your orgasm's best friend!"
- Jim, AZ

(Jim Mitchell, Phoenix, AZ, 2007 Mankind Project Chairman Facilitator. Coach. Leader. Teacher. Mentor. Leadership Magic,

I am a 53 year old male with controlled type 2 diabetes. I also have Psoriatic Arthritis. Because of this I take a large amount of medication. For the last ten years I have had to use drugs to achieve an erection. First Viagra and now penile injection. I had a wonderful two hour session with this dear lady and she gave me a wonderful gift. Hope! Yes after opening up and telling her about my sex life and how I am never aroused without the use of drugs. She showed me. Boy did she show me! And gave me skills to do it on my own. Now I know it possible and have faith of restoration of natural spontaneity in my sex life. Mukee is a wonderful person who truly loves men and has a desire to restore and enhance men's ability to perform.
Jim R., Chicago
Lasting Longer Tonight

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are a wonderful complement to the ebook and audio exercises. They are designed for you to experience a deeper level of my step-by-step guide Lasting Longer Tonight and show you how to last longer in bed naturally.

You can watch a short clip from each of the seven videos here right now.

Tutorial 1:
Polarity for a Man

  • How your natural sexual energy moves in your body.
  • How to relax the pelvic floor. With me.
  • Release tension and feel more pleasure.

Tutorial 2: Relaxation

  • Role of relaxation.
  • The nervous system and sexual arousal.
  • Dependence on friction and tension.

Tutorial 3:
Erections, Up & Down

  • The cycle of hardness and softness
  • Testosterone
  • The effect of thinking during sex

Tutorial 4: Breath

  • Arousal and breathing with me.
  • Guided breath through your penis.
  • Power of breath awareness.

Tutorial 5: Tantra Tip

  • First chakra awareness for the advanced man.
  • Guided mooladhara awareness for well-being.
  • Sensation and attention.

Tutorial 6:
The 6th video is What's Next

: A summary and the feedback phone line.

Yes, I have a special phone line set up so you can call me. Leave me your feedback. Let me know how the videos worked for you.

And you won't want to miss this!

Tutorial 7 Bonus:
A preview from my Personal Diary

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